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"The descending sun reminds her of a last, dying ember from the remains of a once roaring fire." In the midst of a pandemic, a lone fishing trawler sets sail on choppy waters and lands up marooned on an island, a grave error in fate. A seemingly serene island turns vicious by night, a series of uncanny events lead to the castaways finding out that someone or something out there is hunting them. Something inhuman. Watching them. Stalking them. Only timely intervention can save them. Will they survive? On the other hand Lyra and her friends are faced with a dilemma, save the two young dolphins from a life of misery or toe the line and save the aquarium. Their resolve to bail out the dolphins at any cost and keep their promise to Frisky, is pitted against the cunning of their nemesis. The plot takes you through unexpected twists and turns, uncovering stories of friendship, trust, betrayal, highlighting people’s true intentions and hidden secrets.

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