WORLD LITERATURE IN YOUR FIST - An Assortment of English Literature (Hard Copy)

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“World Literature in Your Fist: An Assortment of English Literature” by Prem Shankar Pandey refers to major literatures from all over the globe including Ancient, British, American, Australian, Canadian, German, Indian, European, Asian, African, Cultural Studies, Literary Theories and Criticism, Basic Concepts and Theories in Linguistics, Research Methods in English etc. Latest competition scenario has caused much stress in the mind of students who have to cover ocean like syllabus of English Literature. The book is designed to release all these stresses. All important writers of these literatures are well covered in this book. This book has been specifically designed for competitive examinations like NET, SLET, SET, All Entrance Exams etc. The book is prepared after studying and analyzing various Question Papers of different exams. The book is based on the latest syllabus of UGC provided by National Testing Agency (NTA). The book is written in bullet format and descriptive in nature so as to easily grasp, retain and recall of the contents. The descriptive nature of the book will ensure the students to solve conceptual and logical questions which are very common now a day in the competitive exams. The book promotes self-study than any traditional/online coaching which is highly inconvenient for the students.

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