Rajasthan News24.com | India’s ‘Dr Death’, who killed truck drivers and fed bodies to crocodiles, arrested again

Rajasthan News24.com | India’s ‘Dr Death’, who killed truck drivers and fed bodies to crocodiles, arrested again

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  • An Indian man who became as soon as beforehand convicted for killed truck drivers has been caught.
  • Devendra Kumar Sharma became as soon as arrested on Tuesday.
  • He’s a practitioner of common Ayurveda medicine.

An Indian common-medicine physician jailed for existence for murdering truck drivers and feeding their stays to crocodiles has been caught after jumping parole whereas on free up for lawful behaviour, Indian police stated.

Devendra Kumar Sharma, 62, became as soon as arrested by Delhi police in the capital behind Tuesday. In January he failed to come help from a weeks-lengthy parole after serving 16 years on the help of bars.

Sharma became as soon as given a existence sentence in 2004 in northern Rajasthan assert after being discovered responsible of numerous murders between 2002 and 2004, earning him the nickname “Dr Dying” in the Indian media.

“(He) became as soon as inquisitive about dozens of conditions of kidnapping and abolish of truck and taxi drivers in Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan,” Delhi Police Deputy Commissioner Rakesh Paweriya stated in an announcement.

Police alleged that Sharma – a practitioner of Indian common medicine Ayurveda – first came to the appreciate of authorities twenty years in the past over his involvement in an illegal kidney transplant racket between 1994 and 2004.


Sharma, with help from other medical doctors and middlemen, allegedly organized as a minimal 125 transplants in an organ trafficking racket.

Police additionally accused him of being section of a gang that employed taxis and trucks old to killing their drivers, robbing them and promoting the autos.

“They former to dump monotonous our bodies in Hazara canal in Uttar Pradesh assert’s Kashganj, which had crocodiles, (and) there became as soon as no probability of retrieval of any body,” Paweriya stated.

Sharma became as soon as later convicted of as a minimal six murders, police stated, but Paweriya added that he had admitted to conducting many extra.

“He disclosed to possess been (the) mastermind of larger than 50 such murders,” the commentary stated.

“Media reports of that interval demonstrate that he had committed larger than 100 murders of taxi drivers for which conditions possess been registered in Delhi, UP (Uttar Pradesh), Haryana and Rajasthan.”

Sharma suggested police he jumped parole to pass to Delhi and had hoped to originate up a new existence.

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