Environmental Science : A Multidisciplinary Branch (Hard Copy)

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Environment is no longer interpreted in terms of abiotic components only. Environment is a horizon sweeping word and represent the totality of social, biological and physio-chemical factor, individually or collectively, that composes the natural and man-made surroundings. Our interest in the study of environment is not merely for a detailed identification of a various components. We are deeply interested in their inter relation and interactions. The target aim is to achieve manipulative skills so that the community of man and the biosphere can be managed effectively. For any convergent and fruitful thinking in the area of environment the integrating vision of environment is a must. Since the interacting component of an environmental system are governed by physical, chemical laws and laws of evolutionary biology, environmental chemistry, environmental physics, heredity and evolution, biological and systematic mathematics and statistics, population biology and socioeconomic components are some of the most important ingredients of an environmental education program. The core discipline however will always be the environmental biology.

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